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MediaWiki:Common.js/MediaWiki:Common.css stopped working on es.wikibooks
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Since a couple of days, all the scripts contained at [[b:es:MediaWiki:Common.css]] and [[b:es:MediaWiki:Common.css]] stopped working. We have made no major changes on this pages and it seems, per Village Pump discussion (URL) that it's generalized. FYI, recently, some changes were made on the site configuration (bug 19923). Can you please look at this?. Thank you for your help. Regards.

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There's a syntax error in Common.js since : missing /* on line 2 or the */ at the end on line 1 should be removed.

Thanks!, I've added the missing "/*" - things started working again. I'm sorry to have wasted Your time with this. Closing this as INVALID since this was not a software bug...