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Cancel link from edit page always returns to current version instead of version being edited
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Author: rwoodworth

How to reproduce:

  1. Go to any revision history.
  2. Click the datestamp on an old version.
  3. Click the edit tab.
  4. Scroll down and click the cancel button.

What happens: The current version of the page is displayed.
What should happen: The old version of the page (same as step 2) is displayed.
Workaround: use the back button in the browser, instead of the cancel button.

(Seems so obvious that someone should have posted it already. But I searched several times and didn't see it.)

Many thanks,

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: minor



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rwoodworth wrote:

Wow! Thank you, thank you.

Fix is insufficient; try for instance previewing the edit -- now the cancel link shows no oldid parameter.

ayg wrote:

Why do we even have a cancel button? Removing it seems like the easiest fix; it's clutter. We may as well have a back button on every page . . . that's what the browser UI is for.