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Experiment with embedding LiquidThreads discussion forums on other random pages (CodeReview etc)
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If LiquidThreads is a nice discussion system, we probably want to make it modular enough that it can be run in other extensions and what-not.

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I've done some work on embedding LiquidThreads in wikitext. I've left it off at the point where saves weren't working because:
[1] Submission with action=submit breaks because it's submitting to the article, not the discussion page.
[2] Submission with the API breaks because it uses wgPageName.

So I either want to hook it way higher up, or (possibly more workable) rewrite the LiquidThreads editing mechanism.

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Patch in progress


*** Bug 20958 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

See also bug 25055 for a sort of workaround.

Committed, with other updates in r73604.

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"No way to multi-home a thread?" discussion

Attaching original discussion at the URL in case the wiki disappears again.