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Entering {{...}} as the title causes a page rendering error
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Author: frazzydee

Entering {{...}} as the title of a Wikipedia page causes the software to put in
the actual template in inappropriate rather than displaying {{ and }} as the
title. The following URLs illustrate the error:{{stub}}{{stub}}{{stub}}{{stub}}

It seems to happen in all Wikipedias

Even if the template doesn't exist, the problem still occurs:{{aksjdfkasjdf}}

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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The pagename should be escaped in the template.

Please edit it to use {{ÞAGENAMEE}} magicword instead of {{PAGENAME}}.
That should fix it.

checking more. Doesn't seem to work correctly.

frazzydee wrote:

Please note that most of the URLs don't work (sorry). I'll repost working links
in the same order:

Please note that this one seems to work just fine now:

{ and } should not have been added to the legal title characters as they have special function. They will be removed shortly, but there are a few broken
pages that need to be resolved:*)/{Nav(*)}{geben}{by?}{be}{be}

The first is a test page, the others on pl have some content.

timwi wrote:

It seems that those pages no longer exist (except for the first one).

Cleaned up the remaining broken titles and made the change. In 1.4 and 1.3 CVS and live on WP.

These titles will now trigger a "bad title" error instead of bizarre corrupting things.