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Africa Wikimedia Developer IRC meeting #19
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When: Friday 12th, July 2019
Time: 4pm - 4:30pm UTC
Where: #wikimedia-dev-africa on Freenode
Hosts: @rosalieper, @Flixtey

Meeting Agenda
  • Some AWMD updates
  • Future of AWMD IRC meetings
  • Some opportunity anouncement

26:01 PM It is time for the meeting
36:02 PM anyone around?
46:04 PM CFisch_remote → CFisch_NA
56:07 PM
6<r054l13> Rosalie meeting agenda
76:08 PM ok! I will wait 10 more minutes, If no one shows up. I will end the meeting and send an Email with the updates we were to discuss about during the meeting
86:08 PM :D
96:10 PM
10<mahveotm_> mahveotm Hi!
116:10 PM I'm around, for a while~
126:10 PM
13<r054l13> Rosalie yah! someone is there :)
146:10 PM Hi mahveotm_
156:10 PM
16<mahveotm_> mahveotm Hello @rosalie
176:11 PM
18<r054l13> Rosalie since we are only 2 of us let not make it long :). what do you think?
196:11 PM
20<mahveotm_> mahveotm Sure!
216:12 PM
22<r054l13> Rosalie Frist point on Agenda is AWMD updates. The main update is that we have 2 core members who left the core team and we are currently looking for someone to fit in this roles
236:14 PM I am talking here of Samuel and Derick. Samuel has a role at the Fundation which is mutually exclusive with his role in the core team. reason he had to step from core team to a normal member
246:14 PM Foundation*
256:15 PM
26<mahveotm_> mahveotm Hi Rosie, thanks for the update!
276:15 PM
28<r054l13> Rosalie Derick has been cut of by a number of things to that made him step back. The good news is it will give room for new people to jusp in and learn while posibly sharing kknowledge aswwel
296:16 PM
30<mahveotm_> mahveotm OK, wow, this sounds great!
316:16 PM
32<r054l13> Rosalie sorry for the typos. my keyboard is :/
336:16 PM mahveotm_: Yeah!!
346:16 PM
35<mahveotm_> mahveotm But just to be clear, Derrick is still a member of AWMD right, just stepping back to handle some stuffs as you said.
366:17 PM No problem about the typo!
376:17 PM
38<r054l13> Rosalie mahveotm_: Actually he left the project completely but we hope to have him back soon.
396:19 PM The next point is Future of AWMD IRC meetings
406:19 PM For some time now the core team has been trying to evaluate the cost/benefit of the monthly IRC meetings.
416:20 PM
42<mahveotm_> mahveotm I'm really surprise to hear about that. I'd contact him privately after this. It's sure going to be a huge loss!
436:21 PM
44<r054l13> Rosalie mahveotm_: Indeed :(
456:21 PM
46<mahveotm_> mahveotm OK sure, let's discuss that, IRC meetings attendance has been at an all time low!
476:21 PM
48<r054l13> Rosalie exactly
496:21 PM
50<mahveotm_> mahveotm Ow, please go ahead!
516:22 PM
52<r054l13> Rosalie The original idea behind this meetings was to help volunteer devs solve their problems trying to fix tasks
536:23 PM but we realised that having agenda point for a meeting that is suppose to be like a remote hackathon, finally absorbs time and we end up not sharing much tech knowledge but mostly updates
546:25 PM So we are thinking of changing the meeting formats and sharing what ever information should be shared, on the mailing list and not on meetings dedicated to debugging.
556:25 PM mahveotm_: We made this survey.
566:26 PM please feel it and share it with other AWMD members you know. The results of that survey will be very useful for our next moves
576:27 PM
58<mahveotm_> mahveotm Ok, I understand now, we intend to actually phase out meetings from this channel and dedicate it only to bug fixes, the rest should be done on the mailing list right?
596:27 PM
60<r054l13> Rosalie It takes less than 5 minutes to feel it as most questions are MCQs. Thanks
616:27 PM
62<mahveotm_> mahveotm Sure, would share with my team members!
636:27 PM
64<r054l13> Rosalie mahveotm_: exactly
656:28 PM The last point on the agenda is Some opportunity anouncement
666:30 PM Wikimedia DE is looking for a full stack developers. Since we are a community of devs. I thought this offer might interest someone here
676:30 PM a developer*
686:32 PM
69<mahveotm_> mahveotm
70 Plain Text • 2 lines raw | line numbers
716:33 PM I would share this gladly with the AWMD team back here in Nigeria, hopefully someone gets in?
726:33 PM
73<r054l13> Rosalie
746:34 PM
75<mahveotm_> mahveotm *!
766:34 PM Thanks again!
776:35 PM
78<r054l13> Rosalie Welcome
796:35 PM I am done
806:36 PM and we are done except you have more questions
816:36 PM
82<mahveotm_> mahveotm No,, I don't!!!
836:36 PM Thanks for hosting!
846:36 PM
85<r054l13> Rosalie Great! could you update the logs for me?
866:37 PM
87<mahveotm_> mahveotm I really don't know how to do that!...
886:38 PM
89<r054l13> Rosalie Ok, no worries. I will do it later and probably try to show you how it is done later aswell
906:39 PM Have to run now for another meeting. See you! and Thank you. hope to have many people fill the form ;)

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