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Svenska fyrar Wikidata Property Proposal
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Requested a new Wikidata property proposal Wikidata:Property_proposal/Swedish_lighthouses

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Lighthouse responsible at Gotska Sandön Karl Timoteus Gabriel Bourgström and his Wife was found in Digitalmuseum as they have given away some objects see

To connect those objects with Wikidata Digitalmuseum is designed that you can group people and give them an unique identifier in KulturNav and then they are part of of a dataset that is managed by a museum.

My experience today is that datasets get uploaded and some initial care is taken about the objects but its not so advanced and its very difficult to get an dialogue with the museums see Wikidata <-> Skansen were we should need more dialogue

Feedback Nordiska on request to connect Bourgström
”Hej Magnus,

jag vet inte om det finns något bra dataset att lägga till dem i i KulturNav. Mig veterligen finns det inget dataset för fyrvaktmästare.
KulturNavs hantering av auktoriteter bygger ju på att det finns museer/institutioner som tar ansvar för ett dataset. Det brukar ofta delas upp efter yrke eller livsroll, t.ex. fotografer, konstnärer, polarforskare, frimärksgravörer osv.

Med vänlig hälsning,
Nordiska museet”

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Asked at Facebook if someother Swedish museums has a better way of working digital with a community than just beeing able to add comments, ask on Facebook or send emails my wish is that we should have public backlogs like Phabricator for all museums and libraries see

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Salgo60 moved this task from Backlog to Nice to have on the Magnus Sälgö board.