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Broken thumbnails for Commons images
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I've been seeing lots of broken thumbnails lately. Typically re-uploading the image will fix it. Here's an unfixed example:, which contains the broken thumbnail:
(Update: This is now working for the reporter.)
Interestingly, clicking that 2nd link directly causes my browser to download the image (rather than display it), which makes me think it's possibly an issue with the headers. The thumbnail itself (once downloaded) displays fine locally.

I can't reproduce the bug in Firefox or Safari, only Chrome, so it may be related to a particular caching server or a browser issue or an issue local to my machine. Will wait to see if anyone else can reproduce.

Using Chrome 76.0.3809.100 on MacOS.

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kaldari updated the task description. (Show Details)

i've had no issue on chrome for MacOS on 2 articles where others have had issues. (UK)

Experienced this on Chrome for Windows (v 76.0.3809.100, 64-bit, in Texas) with the infobox image at San Holo on Like Kaldari, directly hitting the thumbnail's URL prompted the browser to download the image. After going to the filepage on Wikipedia and purging the cache, thumbnail started working normally again.

While this was happening, the thumbnail was working fine on Firefox on the same Windows machine, as well as both Firefox and Chrome on a Mac machine.

@Akoopal This task describes a very specific type of broken-ness, where images do not display at all. It sounds like you are describing a different problem, please create a new task in the Thumbor project. For details, see