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Document REST API overview
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To do

  • Decide on a location for REST API docs on The REST API overview will be at API:REST; endpoint docs will be at API:REST/[Resource] API
  • Draft an overview page for the REST API on
  • Create a configuration setting page on for $wgEnableRestAPI

Overview page checklist

  • URL structure
  • Versioning policy
  • Response codes (currently documented per endpoint)
  • Errors (currently documented per endpoint)
  • Access policy (depends on public launch)
  • Rate limits (depends on public launch)
  • Conditional requests (If-Modified-Since, etc.) (not implemented)


  • The API namespace is currently reserved for Action API docs, so we should avoid adding REST API docs there unless we add a consistent prefix like API:REST/. Once the REST API is stable, we should consider updating the API main page to include the REST API as an option or creating a multi-API landing page.
  • currently documents the RESTBase API as the "Wikimedia REST API". We should decide on terminology here to distinguish between the two REST APIs.


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For now, the overview page includes basic, introductory information for the REST API. I'll be updating the page as additional API features are implemented and in preparation for the public launch of the API. That work will be tracked in separate tasks.

eprodromou added a subscriber: eprodromou.

I've reviewed the draft; it looks done. Since we'll be tracking other parts of the API in separate tasks, I think this task is resolved.