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Links tables not always updated correctly
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Author: timwi

Originally submitted by Nobody/Anonymous - nobody 2003-09-09 00:58

When you blanked a page or replace its content into a
some features of the maintenance pages still consider
they old content.
This is true for:

Special:Maintenance&subfunction=mispeelings, which

see mispelling error in blanked or 'now a redirect' pages!


which given nonsense results concerning blanked or 'now
a redirect' pages.

Strangely, if you replace the content with a few
character, then the result is OK. But if you make the
page blank again or make it a redirect again, the same
wrong result is returned.
From where come these result then? From the CUR table,
the top of OLD?

  • fr:Utilisateur:Looxix & en:User:Looxix
  • Additional comments ------------------------

Date: 2003-11-19 10:29
Sender: SF user vibber

Merged with [ 822057 ] What links here - well, not really

Looking at 'What links here' for [[Leon Day]] yeilds an
odd result

It appears to be a combination of 'What links here' for
and .

I could just be going crazy, however.

  • mav

Merged with: [ 840943 ] links getting moved when moving page

I recently moved a page, and afterward all pages that
formerly linked to the original page, were now shown (on
whatlinkshere, and thus in the links table) as linking to
the moved page.

title=Speciaal:Whatlinkshere&target=Zouten for what I
mean - almost all of those pages in reality link to 'zout'
rather than 'zouten'.

Date: 2003-11-25 13:06
Sender: SF user vibber

Merged with: [ 848570 ] image links not updated/removed

image links not updated/removed
When a page gets edited, the pictures on it are not

noted in the database as linking to the page.

Date: 2003-11-26 01:21
Sender: SF user vibber

Got the image bits fixed; there was a missing DB_WRITE
parameter in the query in Title::invalidateCache which
caused the whole process to die with an error message
(unshown since the save redirects to a page view) and never
get to run the query to insert the links.

This may affect some other things as well, so hopefully


Date: 2004-03-05 03:02
Sender: SF user vibber

The following comment was submitted in a duplicate report

Here is an article A. It was previously moved to B and
returned to A, and contains Article C at that time.
This situation, On showing "What links here" of article
C, report contains article A twice.

Example(In Japanese Wikipedia) is here.
In this sample, "I've" shows twice.

Date: 2004-03-05 03:14
Sender: SF user piacarrot

Merged from [ 910211 ] Duplicated entry on showing What
links here

Here is an article A. It was previously moved to B and
returned to A, and contains Article C at that time.
This situation, On showing "What links here" of article
C, report contains article A twice.

Example(In Japanese Wikipedia) is here.
In this sample, "I've" shows twice.

  • PiaCarrot(ja&en) -------------------------------------------------

Date: 2004-03-06 23:34
Sender: SF user vibber

Duplicate [ 911124 ] Database bug with "what links here":

There is definitely a bug somewhere in the database
code which maintains the "what links here" stuff. I
was looking at [[Hypoteneuse]], a redir someone
had listed on RfD, and when I clicked on "what links
here" for that page, I noticed three links from the
"C" page - but the C page had no links to that redir.

Just recently, I was working on cleaning up double
redirs, and as I was working on cleaning up double
redirs pointint to "Niccolò Machiavelli", the "what links
here" page for *that* came down with the same
disease - this time, multiple entries from "International
relations". (And I see also that "Machiavellian" is also
showing multiple links from "Niccolò Machiavelli").

Ack! Creeping bit-rot!

  • jnc/Noel (

Date: 2004-06-26 13:40
Sender: SF user imsop

I'm presuming this is the same problem as is causing red
links to pop up all over the place. There have recently been
problems on en: with links to the article about Wikipedia
itself, for instance, and it seems to be happening more
often than it used to. A trivial edit doesn't always fix it
anymore, either.

Basically, I'm guessing that some database queries that
should be updating the links table aren't - perhaps
something's timing out when the server gets busy? Anyhow, I
imagine this could affect both whatlinkshere and the status
of internal links.

[in which case

is a dupe]

Date: 2004-08-07 08:56
Sender: SF user timstarling

I've put some work into fixing this kind of thing in 1.4,
hopefully it will be fixed

Version: 1.3.x
Severity: normal



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river wrote:

*** Bug 1482 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

zigger wrote:

Bug 2599 reported a current example:
is linked from these two pages:

shows only the User page. Similarly, Special:Recentchangeslinked shows the
"Voyager" page from the User page but not from the Wikinews page.

zigger wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

Bug 2599 reported a current example:

Update: this example has been fixed somehow.

Special:Whatlinkshere now includes the Wikinews:2005/May/24 page, and the two
Special:Recentchangeslinked pages both include the Voyager page ok.

Link table updates are hereby officially perfect. All remaining bug
reports can be attributed to mass hallucination. Except for variables in
links (e.g. [[{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]]), but that's hard to fix and we
don't care about it very much.