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\mathtt (typewriter) and \mathsf (sans serif) math font commands are not available
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Author: pertusus

According to, and to my tests with texvc (debian squeeze mediawiki-math 1.15.1) these commands are not available, it would be nice if they were.

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Severity: enhancement



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Why would someone need this for math formulas? Remeber, it's not a generic TeX parser and doesn't need to be.

pertusus wrote:

For mathsf I don't know, I just proposed it for completness since it is the only other math font command. mathtt would definitely be useful when talking about a program that does math, to be able to mix math and code. For example something like:

<math> \frac{a}{b} \LongRigtharrow \mathtt{dofrac(a,b)}</math>

and things like that.

conrad.irwin wrote:

I added \textsf and \mathtt in r68386, \texttt and \mathsf were already present.