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Add block and protection expiries to the watchlist
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Author: mike.lifeguard+bugs

It would be useful to have the expiry of protection and blocks appear in the watchlist. While it doesn't make sense to include this in the log (since it is not an explicit unblock/unprotect action), it does make sense to include it in the watchlist since it shows data restricted by time and user-selected by page (which is equivalent to user here).

It would be useful to do so for administrators to know when blocks or page protections they've placed have expired (to watch for further disruption, for example), or for users interested in contributing to a page to know when protection has expired and they can edit without relying on external timers (which wouldn't be reset if the expiry were changed) or periodically checking. Other use cases are likely to crop up with additional thought, or once this is implemented.

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My use-case is when a long-term protection such as a BLP-related semi or extended-confirmed needs a short-term upgrade due to an unrelated issue (few days' fullprot due to a heated content dispute). When that latter protection expires, it silently becomes completely unprotected. Having the alert would let me know to re-set the previous semi/EC.

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