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InteGraality should support combining properties in Either/Or mode
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Requested by @Hsarrazin (quick translation):

For book editions, there are those with P123 (the books) and those with P1433 (grouped texts in a compilation etc.)
Would it be possible to associate both properties and to compute EITHER/OR (P123/P1433) ? -> the exccluded would be "neither P123 nor P1433"...

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I can see a use case for this, however I’m wondering how common it is.

I have the feeling the following is a good enough workaround: Maintaining two dashboards − one for the books with P123, and another one for the poems etc. with P1433.


thanks for taking my question as a request for feature :)
hmmm... yes... but how could we know on which dashboard should be those with neither statement (yet) ?