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Reader gets file license offline
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"As a reader, I want to know the license information for a file, so that I can use, distribute and modify the file."

We need to add machine-readable license information for the following endpoints:

The file representations in the output of each endpoint need the following additional properties:

  • license: Object for the preferred license of the page, including these properties:
    • spdx: SPDX code
    • url: URL for the license
    • title: title of the license
  • other_licenses: array of objects with {spdx, url, title} for other licenses the page is available under
  • contributors: Contributors to the file as an array of user objects with these properties:
    • id: user ID
    • name: user name

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We decided not to include this information in the first versions of the referenced endpoints, but the Wikimedia Engineering Architectural Principles have a MUST requirement for them:

"API/LICENSE: data formats and APIs that provide access to user generated content MUST be designed to provide easy access to all relevant information about authorship and licensing."