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message having wrong link
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In the page
there were all sections filled with an (almost)
identical message by some automated process.

The message has a link, the target of which
goes elsewhere but not to the correct place.

See attached screen shot.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Screen shot showing messages


twn-support-lqt-spam-and-wrong-JBG1.png (585×1 px, 97 KB)

Could you please create a screenshot with English UI messages? I do not know which language you have in this one, but I am having trouble reading it.

Where *do* the links go?

I don't see any of those threads on the URL you give me.

I am sorry, I did not note where the URLs went. Afaicr, the yielded a "page not found",
or "page has no content" message. Since the support page is constantly being reshuffled
and stuff disappears, I was unable to find them again to look it up.

The English version of the message text is:
"This thread is a placeholder indicating that a thread, $1, was moved from this page.
This move was made by $2 on $3 at $4.
The thread is now located at $5.
The message key is: 'lqt_move_placeholder'

If you do not know where the URLs went, I cannot reproduce this bug, unless you can show me somewhere where it is still occurring. Closing as WORKSFORME as I am unable to reproduce this bug.

See [1] (I think). All these topics were moved to [2], but [2] is nowhere to be seen in the source page. $5 appears to have the wrong link (thread source page instead of move target page).


I believe this has now been resolved.