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Additional Perl modules needed in default Kubernetes image
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I'm running a Perl-based tool on a Toolforge Kubernetes pod with whatever the default container image is for that, and need the following additional Perl modules:

  • LWP::Simple
  • HTML::Parser
  • String::ShellQuote
  • JSON
  • IPC::Run3

In addition I have need of Tesseract 4.1 (the bastion has an outdated 4.0b1 version, the pod has none) with language files.

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Xover added a subscriber: bd808.

@bd808 Adding 5 specific Perl modules and an unrelated binary (Tesseract) to the generic image isn't really a dup of a moderately large new platform architecture change.

With the ability to install new Perl modules myself the new module bit would certainly be resolved, but it wouldn't help with the non-Perl part; and I imagine solving T214343 might take eeever so slightly more time than installing a couple of packages and rebuilding the image. :)

I don't really care about anything but plain CGI just now: I'm sure something fancier will be good to have once my tool(s) gets to a point where performance becomes an issue, but for right now I'm only concerned about getting something functional.

Maybe marking as declined rather than as a dup will make my point more clear? Perl mods and Tesseract are not going to be added to the PHP Kubernetes images.