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Support WebAuthn in striker
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I've just realised that WebAuthn isn't going to work on striker as is...

We want to be slightly careful about the rollout of WebAuthn to wikitech (which will work), but it will cause problems in striker along the way

Might need to have striker loading the same JS libraries the WebAuthn extension will use

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Webauthn is enabled on Wikitech, but it still isn't supported by Striker. Getting it to work is probably going to be difficult due to T244088: Logging in at another wiki than WebAuth was set up fails.

It would probably be a good idea to add a warning to warning against using WebAuthn with Toolforge.

taavi added a subscriber: taavi.

Boldly declining as we want to remove developer account management from Wikitech in the long term. I added a note to to warn people against using it.