Separate out 'tboverride' right for account creation
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Author: jake

Right now, there is a single 'tboverride' right given to the 'accountcreator' group on enwiki. This allows those users who work on the account creation team to bypass the title blacklist when creating accounts, but it also lets them edit pages that only sysops are supposed to be able to edit. Creating a 'tboverride-acc' right that only allows the user to bypass the TBL for account creation would remedy this, if it was assigned to that group instead.

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Note that discussion on enwiki would need to occur regarding what to do for those users currently granted "accountcreator" for tboverride unconnected to account creation before the enwiki configuration of accountcreator were to be changed to grant tboverride-acc instead.

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Should be fixed as of r76344.

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This can now be fixed on en.wikipedia too. This is an unnecessary risk and useless now that we have the template editor usergroup.

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Please open a new bug following the instructions at to request the configuration change.

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