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cloudcontrol200[13]-dev linux bridge agent errors
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The cloudcontrol hosts in codfw are tripping the icinga "check systemd state" and showing up on the main alerts status page.

cloudcontrol2003-dev:~$ sudo systemctl --failed
  UNIT                              LOAD   ACTIVE SUB    DESCRIPTION
● neutron-linuxbridge-agent.service loaded failed failed Openstack Neutron LinuxBridge Plugin Agent
Jan 02 14:15:18 cloudcontrol2001-dev systemd[1]: [/lib/systemd/system/neutron-linuxbridge-agent.service:12] Runtime directory is not valid, ignoring assignment: neutron lock/neutron
Jan 02 14:15:18 cloudcontrol2001-dev systemd[1]: [/lib/systemd/system/neutron-linuxbridge-agent.service:13] Unknown lvalue 'CacheDirectory' in section 'Service'

The unit configuration for that service looks a little strange:

cloudcontrol2001-dev:~$ sudo systemctl cat neutron-linuxbridge-agent                                                                                                                                                                               [15/169]
# /lib/systemd/system/neutron-linuxbridge-agent.service
Description=Openstack Neutron LinuxBridge Plugin Agent
After=mysql.service postgresql.service rabbitmq-server.service keystone.service

RuntimeDirectory=neutron lock/neutron
ExecStart=/etc/init.d/neutron-linuxbridge-agent systemd-start


I'm not sure why that service is on these systems, it might be related to the upgrade work in T241348

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-01-10T20:45:18Z] <jeh> cloudcontrol200[13]-dev schedule downtime until Feb 28 2020 on systemd service check T242462

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I removed that package, and puppet didn't re-install it. So it probably showed up due to an overly-expansive apt-get line. I also rebooted one of the cloudcontrol hosts for good measure and everything looks fine now.