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[Alpha] Tapping on any links in an article has no response
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the app
  2. Navigate to an article (e.g.) God
  3. Tap on any link on the article (e.g.) faith

Expected results

A link preview of the linked article is shown.

Actual results

Nothing happens. Tapping on the link has no effect.

Stack trace

02-02 23:24:57.425 11856-11856/org.wikipedia.alpha D/ViewRootImpl: ViewPostImeInputStage ACTION_DOWN
02-02 23:24:57.535 11856-11856/org.wikipedia.alpha E/org.wikipedia.bridge.CommunicationBridge$1: handleMessage():132: No such message type registered: link

Environments observed

App version: 2.7.50309-alpha-2020-01-31
Android OS versions: 5.1.1
Device model: Samsung SM-J111f
Device language: English

Event Timeline

Dbrant subscribed.

Thanks! It's not necessary to file tasks against the Alpha app. We are switching to new backend endpoints, which are themselves under active development, and are expected to be unstable while we continue working on them.