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Change AssertEdit error display
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Please turn on the Mediawiki extension AssertEdit on Wikipedia which is said on the English Wikipedia project page “Creating a bot” to be enabled on Wikipedia. When appending assert/nassert to the GET/POST parameters to index.php/api.php that should definitely fail, the site is delivered instead of denying it. Alternatively confirm that AssertEdit isn’t used with Wikipedia (anymore), so that one can correct that information on said Wikipedia page.

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As an aside to this (ie it's not possible to tell if AssertEdit is installed via the Api help), i'm making a api documentation module for it...

  1. You were right: I forgot to use it with a modifying action. My fault.
  1. As I play with it: Can the API return the assert *result* also as a MediaWiki-API-Error in the HTML header lines, or generally as an *error*? Or could this not be done due to the result/error implementation style? A failed assertion is not harmless and almost always (assert=user) returns in a login, doesn’t it?

if ( $assertName != '' ) {

		$pass = AssertEdit::callAssert( $assertName, false );
		if ( !$pass ) 
			$result['assert'] = $assertName;


Currently, it just adds it... Adding to the results for the API, but not actually failing (leaving that upto the user etc etc)...