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Confirm tools.similarity elasticsearch indexes
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Toolforge's elasticsearch cluster is being upgraded and replaced by a new cluster T236606. @Surlycyborg could you please confirm that the similarity tool is still using the cluster and will need its data migrated from the existing cluster to the new one?

Index information
index                   docs.count store.size
similarity_201902150900 276013     6.7gb
similarity_201903220900 287618     7.0gb
similarity_201805220900 159592     4.8gb

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JHedden triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 2 2020, 5:20 PM
JHedden created this task.

Hi, those indexes are autogenerated so I guess they don't need to be migrated and we can just let the cronjob rebuild them as needed, if that's easier.

We don't mind migrating them over, we just wanted to confirm they were still in use. Thanks!