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Research Showcase March 2020
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When: 03/18/2020

Host: @DED
IRC host: @Capt_Swing
Speakers: Jordan Boyd-Graber (full hour)
More information:

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Get YouTube linkdoneEmerauld has done these through June 2020
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Upload abstracts to MediaWikidone
Email to the listsdonewiki-research, analytics, wikimedia-l, foundation-optional
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Event Timeline

Hi all. I've talked to a couple of you about some of my feedback about this showcase, I'm documenting it here as well:

  • The showcase was very well organized. The speakers did a really good job, too. Thank you for making it happen.
  • I really liked this "theme"-based showcase. It allows for much richer conversations and more focus. I've received multiple pings from Product and a couple of pings from external folks that they enjoyed the focus and quality of the conversations. My ask is that moving forward we move to a theme-based showcase only and do 2 completely distinct presentations if we have good reasons to.
  • Part of the reason that the showcase received more positive feedback is due to the relevance of the topic of the showcase to what quite a few people care about. This is something to take into account as we plan the next ones.
  • Advertising for the showcase: The emails that Janna sends out are great. As workshop organizers, it would be best if you offer a 1-2 sentence to be added in these emails to put the presentations in perspective and explain why people should care (beyond what's stated in the tile and abstract of the talks). Otherwise, title/abstract may feel too distant to part of our audience.
  • I will make sure I continue advertising the showcases in IRC/Slack/etc. some minutes before the event. :)

Thanks for organizing these! :)

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