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Talk: prefix missing in page name on initial edit
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Author: fpahl

Go to a page (e.g.
which exists but whose Talk page doesn't exist. Click on the red link to
"discussion". You get a page titled "Editing Talk:Endormorphism ring", but
further down it says "Wikipedia does not yet have a page called Endomorphism ring."
The "Talk:" prefix is missing.

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Wikipedia's customized [[MediaWiki:Newarticletext]] message uses {{PAGENAME}} which does not include the namespace.

Should it include the namespace, or do we need another variable which includes it in a visually consistent way? (We wouldn't want to use
{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}} as this would produce an ugly colon on article namespace.) Changing {{PAGENAME}} would break some other messages
on Wikipedia that assume it doesn't include a namespace.

wmahan_04 wrote:

How about "Wikipedia does not yet have a {{NAMESPACE}} page called {{PAGENAME}}"?
It's kind of a hack.

Currently says "Wikipedia does not yet have a Talk page called Endomorphism ring."

Reassigning to Wikimedia web sites and marking fixed.