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Separate interface message when creating a page
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The message 'Editing' is shown when editing a page, but also when creating a page. Please add a seperate message for creating a page (in completion to the create tab). Thanks.

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(In reply to comment #1)

You mean the page title?

Yes, the text in the <title>-tag and the "firstHeading"-<h1>-tag

Created attachment 7690
change pageTitle when creating a page

A patch to change the pageTitle when creating a page.

attachment bug22870.patch ignored as obsolete

Created attachment 9483
change title when creating a page

I have create a new patch, because the old patch looks like rft and was outdated.

The new patch added a message 'creating'. This message is used, when editing a non-existing page. It is also used when using section= for creating a page, because than the other messages makes no sense.

The patch used always the displaytitle, when setting the headers and not only for message 'editing'.

Feel free to modify the patch.