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section edit links broken
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Author: sundarbecse

Consequent to the fix for bug #23048 the section edit links in portal talk pages are broken. In the links, the Tamil test corresponding to 'portal_talk' is in the old (prior to 23048 fix) form. It should be "வலைவாசல்_பேச்சு" instead.

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sundarbecse wrote:

Copying Jeluf who fixed the related bug.

jeluf wrote:

Please add the keyword "shell" to your tickets if you need a Wikipedia server administrator. My colleagues and I have filters set up to look for this keyword.

The page looks fine to me, I get
தொகுப்பு: வலைவாசல் பேச்சு:கட்டுரைப்போட்டி (பகுதி)
and that seems to me to be the new form. Seems to be a caching issue.

sundarbecse wrote:

Sorry for my haste. It's indeed a caching issue. And, I'll remember to add the keyword "shell" for server admin requirements in the future.