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LibreNMS monitoring glitch caused paging
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The monitoring glitch showed in

Caused the following faulty alert in LibreNMS:

Alert for device asw2-esams.mgmt.esams.wmnet - Primary outbound port utilisation over 80%  #page
Device Name: asw2-esams.mgmt.esams.wmnet
Severity: critical
Timestamp: 2020-05-12 23:10:55
Rule:  Primary outbound port utilisation over 80%  #page
Physical Interface: ae2
Interface Description: Core: cr2-esams:ae1
Interface Speed: 80 Gbs
Inbound Utilization: 5.43847256
Outbound Utilization: 395288.13516505

The alert stayed active for 10min:

  1. t=0 device is pulled: alert triggered
  2. t=5 device is pulled: no recoveries
  3. t=10 device is pulled: recoveries

This was enough to trigger the related Icinga alert.

My guess is a bug in asw2-esams SNMP daemon (see also all the VCPs)


  • A switch stack upgrade (especially in esams) is a heavy operation (requires site depool), see T252631
  • Implementing a safeguard in LibreNMS' code is time consuming (if doable)

We can either live with it until the upgrade (low probability of pages, no operational impact), or find a workaround.
For example:

  • Split the Primary outbound port utilisation over 80% alert in two, one that pages (for CRs) and one that alerts normally (for everything else)

I don't think a LibreNMS upgrade would have helped, but doesn't hurt. See T251222.

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This happened again just now.

Something else we could do as a temporary mitigation is just accept a longer time-to-page in legitimate incidents and increase retries to require 15 minutes before a page. Or (Arzhel's suggestion) configure the LibreNMS alert to also require <101% utilization to be an alert.

I added an extra condition to the inbound and outbound alerts to trigger: usage needs to be < 150%. Which is way bellow the crazy % we saw when the bug happens.

This should mitigates this specific issue until the switch stack gets upgraded.

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With the mitigation and the task to upgrade the router it's fine to close that one.