Images used in the user interface should have alt text
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Author: apb

All images that are used as part of the user interface should have
sensible alt text.

Example 1: In the enhanced recent changed display, when there are
several changes to the same article, there's an image of a blue triangle
pointing to the right; clicking on the triangle invokes some javascript
that changes it to a blue triangle pointing down. I think alt="+" and
alt="-" would be appropriate here, but both images currently have

Example 2: In the 1.4 software currently installed at test.wikipedia.
org, redirects are displayed using an image. I think that alt="REDIRECT
" would be appropriate, but the image currently has alt="Image".

I suppose all this should be customisable via messages in the MediaWiki
namespace, but sensible hardcoded alt text would be better than the
non-sensible hardcoded alt text we have now.

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robchur wrote:

Agreed, it makes sense to have useful alt text.

michael wrote:

"This page redirects to " would be better alt text for the example. Unambiguous plain English, normal capitalization.

ayg wrote:

Minor patch to fix two more instances

The two complaints in the first comment have been addressed. Grepping for
"<img", I only found two that didn't have alt text, outside of the parser
tests; one is in config and the other is in Exception.php, so they're both
borderline trivial. Any others?

Attached: 532a.patch

lcarsdata wrote:

Just one extra thought, the powered by icon currently uses the alt text "MediaWiki".
IMO it would be better to use the text "Powered by MediaWiki" as that is what the
icon reads and "MediaWiki" would make no sense to someone who is using a screen
reader or has images disabled.

ayg wrote:

A couple of tweaks in r18502. All interfaces images now seem to have
appropriate alt text.

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