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When create a common.js page in ta.wikisource, the mediawiki creates without "User:"
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I am one of the sysop in ta.wikisource. A active user trying to create her common.js page. See the history . Usually mediawiki creates a subpage with "user:" but in this case, instead of user sub page, main page created. If you see the page history, i can editing her common.js. Why?

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Info-farmer updated the task description. (Show Details)
Info-farmer updated the task description. (Show Details)

I tried at Special:ChangeContentModel page. Not able to change the page. Warning arises as" it is other's page."

Ask for granting interface-admin right to you (or ask another user with this right to do it).

Aklapper added a subscriber: Jayprakash12345.

This page was moved from Name/Subpage.js to User:Name/Subpage.js. This is not a wrong behavior in MediaWiki code, hence I'm closing this task as invalid.

@Info-farmer: Hi, please see for more information, and see for either getting or finding someone with interface-admin rights. Thanks!

I have talked with @Info-farmer Ji. Now the page content model has changed to JavaScript.