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Spam Regex in a Mediawiki page
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Author: isam

We had a vandel in Arabic wikipedia that kept creating pages that have a certain
URL, I learned that there is a certain variable in config files ( $wgSpamRegex)
that have the RegExp to prevent spamming a certain URL. What I wish for this
variable to be set in a mediawiki page, to allow mediawiki sysops to add URLs to
the list of SPAM urls, or alter the RegExp to include more cases. Having this
variable set in the config file only means that only developers can alter it.

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Severity: enhancement



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ahoerstemeier wrote:

The Spam blacklist works fine to block complete hosts, but it cannot block
spammers who want to advertize e.g. their geocities page. See for example the
recent spaland spammer.

robchur wrote:

You *can* use the spam blacklist to do this. Ask on