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High traffic on mc1020 (18 Aug)
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We had an increase in our application servers traffic at ~19:40, which, possibly, overwhelmed memcached host mc1020. Since mcrouter was already flapping between the host and the gutter-pool, I firewalled the host until the event slowed down. We had alerts both for memcached and mediawiki errors.

Appservers GET latency

image.png (1×3 px, 323 KB)

Increased TKOs

image.png (906×3 px, 1 MB)

Network utilisation on mc1020

image.png (536×1 px, 83 KB)

mc-gp1002 traffic

image.png (526×1 px, 78 KB)

It appears that bw saturation started a bit earlier on this host, but not sure if related

image.png (1×3 px, 381 KB)

Errors in Kibana:

I also disabled puppet and downtimed memcacached on icinga, those changes need to be reverting in the EU morning. Firewalling probably helped, but I suspect that the traffic went down as well.

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Since no analysis on the incoming keys was done, there is no way to know what the problem was. I'll uncordon mc1020, and monitor the situation, but I assume there isn't much else to do at this point.

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We can close this for now