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Double parentheses of ja.wikibooks (due to local content of "MediaWiki:Uctop")
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On Japanese wikibooks( user posting history, (最新)<In English display is (current)> is double parentheses. <Ex:((最新)) >
Please change to normal single parentheses.

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Reedy subscribed.

Can you provide a screenshot example? And a link to the page you see this

Does this only happen on jawikibooks? Or does it appear on jawiki too?

T262743_wikibooks.ja.jpg (346×1 px, 94 KB)
This screenshot url is
The same is true for other user's post histories, but this symptom seems to be only for Japanese Wikibooks.

@Reedy there are brackets at, though, which I think is the one actually being rendered.

Duh. Forgot about that one. I always presume that's the English one. Thanks!

@Mario1257 delete and all should be good

Thank you for comment. In response to this, I submitted a request to the administrator to delete "MediaWiki:Uctop".

Aklapper renamed this task from Double parentheses of ja.wikibooks to Double parentheses of ja.wikibooks (due to local content of "MediaWiki:Uctop").Sep 15 2020, 1:37 PM

As this is about local on-wiki content which is managed independently by the community on each wiki, I am closing this task here - thanks for your understanding.