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backend extras
Open, Needs TriagePublic


  • - unit testing for JSON apis
  • - logging
  • - research performance of multiple properties/aggregations querys vs a single combined id with subquery
  • - flask cache-ing layer for simple requests
  • Include a test-case
  • - store lastest_fill_id on the flask.g object or similar, and have route to update the latest-fill_id
  • save the frontend some time by returning mentioned_genders in return meta.
  • migrate all queries to use the normalized aggregations
  • aggregations_id query as subquery rather than "sqlfunc.in_" operator
  • labelling optimizations. multiple left-joins are slowing things way down.
  • include humans that don't have gender in response with a special 'undefined' gender type
  • backend errors returned as json
  • evolution stub
  • return metric coverage in meta
  • Making it easy to download the data in the tables as a CSV would be amazing

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