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Mobile: Language toggle visible when no other languages available
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I recently upgraded to MW 1.35 and timeless skin shows the language change dropdrown (on mobile view) even though my wiki has only 1 language. Here's a link to my wiki. Clicking on the toggle just opens a blank overlay with no options (since no other languages exist).

To summarise:

  • On MW 1.35, the languages switch option appears in mobile mode (bug)
  • On MW 1.35, the languages switch option does not appear in desktop mode (correct)
  • On MW 1.34, the languages switch option does not appear in desktop and mobile mode (correct)


Mobile 1_35.png (328×666 px, 29 KB)


Desktop 1_35.png (445×597 px, 26 KB)

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The languages menus are only supposed to be showing up like this when no languages are there to support tools like wikibase adding/editing links via the menu.

But... yeah, the empty menus should not be showing up when those aren't enabled; not sure what changed... (or even how it was being supported to begin with, frankly)

Change 649727 had a related patch set uploaded (by Isarra; owner: Isarra):
[mediawiki/skins/Timeless@master] Fix more small things

Isarra claimed this task.

Turns out something changed.

Thanks a lot for looking into this! Really appreciate it.

Thanks for the clear report! Very helpful, that.