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Upload wizard doesn't support the browsers' "back" action
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Well, everything's in the summary.

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a.d.bergi wrote:

It even doesn't support any back button/link, which is also confusing. For example I'd like to change the licence, when I already have been at the description page: Nothing to go back.
I also would suspect the items in the "arrow bar" to be links, having the same effect as clicking on the [next]-Button. Should that be filed as another bug?

a.d.bergi wrote:

Oops, i didn't see Bug 27423 for the arrowhead bar.

Belatedly marking as duplicate, since the above linked bug also suggests providing click-to-go-back. Adding a new button would be far less intuitive than allowing the user to click on the navigation bar, I think.

As for browser back-button, uploading a file (or a set thereof) is enough of an atomic operation that it's not really possible--we can't load step X without having already gone through steps 0, 1, ...., and X-1. Going back through the interface seems fine.

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