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Error in the page count of li.wikt
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Author: arjanverheijden

According to the wikimedia statistics there should at least be 64.300 pages at (, however the site statistics tell that there are only 57.700 pages ( This can't be right, because there have been no major deletions recently. I've checked the stats.wikimedia for other wikt's and they seem to be OK.

I think the statistics are not correct because of major imports in the past (2007 and one more recently in 2010). I remember that the page count at the time hardly grew and from that time on it hasn't been growing except for newly created pages. I tried to count the pages manually using special:Allpages and I got 62.478 pages, so there definitively is something grow.

Is there any way to let the statistics recalculate the number of pages or is that impossible?

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jeluf wrote:

$ php updateArticleCount.php liwiktionary --update
Counting articles...found 65093.
Updating site statistics table... done.