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Harrassment and micro agression notification
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  1. Problem: continuing and recurrent micro agrression towards editors happen daily on all projects.

    #Proposed solution: Proposed solution : a notification. procedure present on all lateleral boxes on all projects in all languages with which editors affected by rude language, derogatory terms and microagressions could generate a notification. Possibly by mailing them directly to an OTRS procedure, with copy to Trust and Safety and generating a non public data base which could be consulted by selected members of each community.

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Hi @Nattes, thanks for taking the time to report this.
Trust-and-Safety does not do any code development (as far as I know). Removing tag; see

If at all this would fall into the area of the Anti-Harassment team, see e.g. T166812: Epic⚡️ : User reporting system which sounds similar, so I am closing this ticket.
Please feel free to contact first.

I dont really agree to close this ticket, Cant we move it instead? I inserted it in the community wishlist. This is not a task for Trust and Safety nor a WMF driven task, It is a community wish. See

I am reopening. The actual trust and Safety procedures do not allow moderation of micro aggression on each project. We need to adress the problem by a community driven initiative. The WMF does not have the human ressources to moderate more than 800 projects in more than 300 languages. Editors who face micro agressions are left alone to cope with it.

@Nattes: Please explain how this task is different from T166812.

Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Nov 21 2020, 10:44 AM
Aklapper added a project: Anti-Harassment.