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Social media awareness for the Meetup
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Using digital flyers; create awareness about the Igbo Wikimedians Movement Strategy Discussions.

  • To call for participation of members of the User Group
  • Attract new/prospective members to join the meetup
  • Create awareness of the Movement Strategy Process.
  • Get people to register for the event


1Design the Digital Flyer@50019062Done
2Design Registration form@CeslauseDone
3Write the Agenda for the Meetup@PtinphusmiaDone
4Set up the zoom and attach the link in a notification email for registered participants@CeslauseDone
5Social media posts for the event@50019062Ongoing

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@50019062: Is this still in progress, or can this task be closed? Thanks!

@50019062,you may close the task please, it's been completed.