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Creating a round in Montage when a previous round is paused
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User has a problem: cannot create a third ranking round, this gives "Bad Request: can only create one active/paused round at a time. cancel or complete your existing rounds before trying again"

It looks like they've only paused Round 1, and were still able to create Round 2.
Round 2 can be finalized, but Round 3 cannot be created, and Round 1 cannot be finalized/closed any more. Therefore the juryprocess cannot be continued at the moment.

Would it be possible:

  • for devs to force a closure of a previous paused round
  • prevent Montage from starting new rounds when a previous one is still open/paused (apparently there is a glitch in the system?)
  • please help this jury to continue their process for WLM 2020

Event Timeline

Ciell triaged this task as High priority.Dec 3 2020, 9:05 PM

Pushing this to a higher level, please help this jury.

I manually finalized round 1, so you should be able to proceed with finalizing round 2.

I'll look into what happened.

I finalized round 2, but still cannot create a third round:

Internal server error: <ExceptionInfo [KeyError: 'threshold'] (35 frames, last=Callpoint('advance_round', 584, 'montage.admin_endpoints', './montage/', 69, " threshold = float(request_dict['threshold'])"))>

This is the same error Kateregga1 (the jury coordinator from Uganda) reported on the 19th of October already
(Montage talkpage)

Screenshot_2020-12-04 montage.png (62×685 px, 6 KB)

Per suggestion from Effeietsanders, I tried downloading the campaigns results to set up a new campaign, I tried it in the devs environment first.
I get another error:

Screenshot_2020-12-06 montage(2).png (62×685 px, 6 KB)

Please help?