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Show "email" instead of "login" as field label
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The login interface has "login" and "password" written into the respective fields, which makes it unnecessarily hard to remember that Bugzilla actually uses email adresses, not logins.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 21 2014, 11:10 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz24992.

pdhanda wrote:

Bugmeister is the new Bugzilla maintainer and default assignee.

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Resetting to default per bug 37789

Trivial change in template/en/default/account/auth/login.html.tmpl :

  • <b>Login:</b>

+ <b>Your Email Address:</b>

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I1dac7f5b5e177ff580e3eacfc179af9a742eaca1)

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I88b232ca11367e21a9e9020e4ecdec12120ff45f) (Gerrit Change Ic4bbd0e6c614017daaff22b343936bd7382147d0) | change ABANDONED [by Aklapper]

Deployed on thanks to Daniel.