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Create bodh tool
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This will be Wikidata lexeme editor tool.


  • User will login using Wikimedia OAuth
  • User will give lexemes either in form of SPARQL query or manual list.
  • User will have three options to work.
    • Lexeme statements
    • Senses
    • Forms
  • Now user will have table with property columns to add/remove data.

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Change 680755 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jayprakash12345; author: Jayprakash12345):

[labs/tools/bodh@master] Initial commit

Change 680755 merged by Jayprakash12345:

[labs/tools/bodh@master] Initial commit

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-04-17T16:48:36Z] <Jayprakash12345> Deploy the build (T272298)

Currently tool is running for only Lexeme statements edits.

Background story: This tool was intended to develop in my internship period. Since this tool took much time what I have estimated. And I took break for half and a month for my examination so tool development was halt. I restarted my work again in March. During the development, I encountered that tool needs to have a global state as too many data was being passed through props of component. To make code maintainable and implement single source of truth for data, I am refactoring the tool to use the Redux, which provide global state for components. Now I will do incremental development.

Old code without Redux:-
New code with Redux:-

Tool has been developed and deployed. See

Forms supported will be done under T285600. Please file new task for any bug or feature request.