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test2wiki is in group1 rather than group0
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Hi, I just noticed that test2wiki is in group1, while I think it should be in group0, as other testwikis. That means some bugs can't be tested at all in any group0 wiki, for instance, bugs that affect wgAddGroups loading (T273296 is a very recent instance of such bug), which primarily affects FlaggedRevs wikis, and also other wikis that add groups that can be granted by sysops/bureaucrats.

Why is test2wiki in group1? Shouldn't it be in group0 instead?

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thcipriani added a subscriber: thcipriani.

This was done circa 2017 in T182326: Make one group1 wiki a client of testwikidata (preferably a test wiki) to cover the use case of testing testwikidata with the next version. So testwiki and testwikidata are on next, test2wiki and wikidata are on stable this covers the product of cases for that.