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Forcelinkupdate appears to have stopped working again (on ENWIKI at least)
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Forcelinkupdate appears to have stopped working as the bots like that perform purges on categories to update date based categories have stopped working. As the bot operator @joedecker has not been active and it was suspected as a bot issue another bot owner said they would add the task to there bot that was doing the same task on other selections but this also appears not to have worked. Doing a manual test both as a POST and a standard bowser GET to also does not work. The article shows it's in the correct age category but it is not listed there but is still listed in

The problem was first noted at AfC on ENWIKI January 26th see

This occurred before reported as T210307

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forcelinkupdate does not work on index.php as linked in the task, only with api.php

There was some updates when doing the request:

I see no problem on the software side. Maybe the ratelimits are changed or there are timeouts due to big article in the batches which needs long time to parse.

[On the other side it seems not a good idea to use the category system for time related things.]

Thanks @Umherirrender I just did a test run using api.php and forcelinkupdate and yes it appears to work fine. So something else wrong with the bots or rate limits. So happy for this to be closed as a non issue.

Closing as not the issue