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Add option for default text color (or any other preceeding command)
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A good bunch of wikis about video games, especially those on (sigh) Wikia / Fandom, use a dark background. This makes the default black text rendering of Extension:Math basically invisible. But data miners on these game sites do need to talk about math!

The current solution employed on a lot of Wikis is a CSS color invert filter. Doing so makes the black color work, but obviously destroys every other color setting. Their CSS rules can also fail to cover all cases (see example; use inspect element on the block and inline math). In comparison, it would be a lot natural to just inject a \color{White} in front of the formula when rendering.

[A rebuttal would be that a skin change would make the whole thing broken again. Maybe what we need is darkmode/lightmode renderings based on whether the skin says it's dark or light?]

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Hi @Arthur2e5, thanks for taking the time to report this! Please provide a screenshot of the problem, indicate where to (not) see a problem, and always include web browser info and web browser version info - please see

Firefox 87:

Screenshot from 2021-04-03 11-19-27.jpg (990×960 px, 230 KB)

This might be a duplicate of T111222 (see also T129054)

I agree that it's a dupe of T111222. I think it's invalid status... right?

Feel free to use Edit Related Tasks...Close As Duplicate in the upper right corner. Thanks!