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Mobile app editor and reader counts
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Request from Toby for quick summary of editors and readers.


  • Focus on March counts (since we're still in April)
  • For editors try to align with definition of active editor, as that's what's reported in the monthly movement metrics – cf. mw:Wikimedia Product/Data Glossary#Editors
  • For readers get the best approximation to unique devices
  • Needs to be general


Due Date
Apr 28 2021, 10:00 PM

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mpopov triaged this task as High priority.Apr 27 2021, 4:00 PM
mpopov created this task.

Mobile app editor counts based on movement metrics queries and definitions:

MonthActive_mobile_editors (>=5 edits)All_mobile_editors (1 or more edits)

Data source: mediawiki_history

Readers/unique users:

MonthReaders/unique users
By Platform
Android MAU5,026,327
iOS MAU4,730,151

Data sources:
Google Play Data
AppAnnie Data


The Android is App is available through fdroid and as an apk on Github and Wikimedia, counts here only reflect Google App Store

AppAnnie takes the app’s opt-in rate from Apple and grosses up usage data to provide an estimate. Additionally, the Wikipedia iOS app has its own setting where the user can opt in during onboarding (or later in the app settings), which would enable our in-app analytics – but it is off by default and we do not know what % of users are sharing usage data with us. Second, at the iOS system layer there is an option for users to let Apple share some data with developers. The iOS 90 day average opt-in rate is 36%.