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[Session] Ask anything about Phabricator (software project management tool)
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Feel free to join or leave at any time for your Phab topics and questions! This session is not a presentation - for a basic intro, please check the short tutorial videos!

Username or display name (will be displayed publicly): AKlapper_(WMF)

Categories/Tags/Keywords (up to 5):

Phabricator, project management, bug reports, feature requests

Session type (select one):

  • Presentation (including Q/A) - 25 mins
  • Discussion (including Q/A) - 55 mins
  • Workshop (including Q/A) - 55 mins
  • Lightning talk - 5 mins

Venue (select one):

  • I would like to be on the main track
  • I wouldn't mind being on the main track
  • I need a Jitsi room for the session

When are you available to have the session?

Any time

Session Details

Phabricator is a platform and tool to manage planning software development. In Wikimedia, many projects and software developers use Phabricator for project management, software bug reporting and feature requests, and collaborating with each other.

This session is not an introduction (please check the videos on for that).

Join this session and ask everything about Phabricator that you ever wanted to discuss or know! :)


If you are new to Phabricator: Please first watch the tutorial videos linked on to learn the basics.

Target audience:

Technically interested users, smaller communities, developers.

What will participants get out of this session? (~50 words)

A better understanding how to effectively use Phabricator for software development related planning and management.

(Optional) Additional resources:

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Hello @Aklapper and thanks a lot for proposing this session!

We would love to schedule it on the hacking room track on Saturday, 22nd of May at 11:00 in UTC. You would have 55min, questions and discussions included.

Does this timeslot work for you? We kindly ask you to confirm before May 17th, so we can complete the schedule.

As a speaker in a hacking room, you will use Jitsi, where you will be able to present, share your screen, and interact directly with the participants. We will send you more details closer to the event. If you’d like to schedule a testing session to have a look at Jitsi, just let us know.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks!

@Nes: Hej hej. That timeslot works for me! Thanks a lot!

Whoa! Thank you!

Here some serious-business extra questions if they run out:

  1. is it true that Phabricator has a "serious business mode"?
  2. wait... is it enabled here?
  3. wait... you say that WMF is / is not a "serious business"? Uh?
  4. how to make a macro and how to make my README 100% more kawaii thanks to macros?
  5. how many Phabricator Workboards does it take to save a princess? Exact number. No floating point. (Example issue)
Aklapper updated the task description. (Show Details)

Thanks to the 10-15 people who joined!

Quick list of some of the topics covered:

  • Is Phab open for non-technical projects not in English, e.g. chapters? And/or personal tracking of tasks, not necessarily bound to some project that uses Phab?
    • Yes it is - only thing I'd prefer to see is social agreement in a group to manage/track their work in one place, and not in several places
  • How many new Phab tasks do we get per day?
    • About 80 currently
  • How does a bugwrangler day look like?
    • Mostly mail notification based, going through stuff takes about ~30% of my time (as I also do some other stuff).
  • Infrastructure systems: Phabricator (task tracking) versus Gerrit (code review) versus GitHub (both)? (versus a potential GitLab future instead of Gerrit)
    • History of Bugzilla to Phab move in 2014, move to Gerrit in 2012, idea of moving code review to Phab too but abandoned; some stuff on GitHub because people can or prefer to, or because a codebase could be used outside of Wikimedia too and Gerrit requires setting up account and workflow, etc
  • Which other actions could phabricator_maintenance_bot cover?
  • Path from a contributor to a decision maker?
  • MediaWiki API to find articles close-by, based on geographical location; rate limits for pulling?
  • What is Wikimedia Enterprise and does it affect me?