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Cloud: designate: missing or misconfigured API policy for creating new domains
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I just found this:

aborrero@cloudcontrol1005:~$ sudo wmcs-openstack zone create --os-project-id cloudinfra --type PRIMARY --email

Backend logs are like:

Policy check failed for rule 'create_zone' on target {'tenant_id': 'cloudinfra', 'zone_name': ''}

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-05-07T13:51:41Z] <andrewbogott> add inherited 'admin' right to novaadmin user throughout eqiad1. I was trying to narrow down the rights here but lack of admin breaks some workflows, e.g. T281894 and T282235

This should be fixed by the above policy change (zone creation is restricted to 'admin').

Note that typically you would want to create a new zone via wmcs-makedomain which handles the weirdness involved in creating a subdomain in tenant A when the parent domain is owned by tenant B:

# wmcs-makedomain --orig-project cloudinfra --project cloudinfra --domain