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Ensure all "MediaWiki:Autoblock whitelist" pages are moved to "MediaWiki:Block-autoblock-exemptionlist"
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Now that rMW70cc0f85faa1: Deprecate DatabaseBlock::isWhitelistedFromAutoblocks has landed as part of T277987: Address Voice and Tone issues in MediaWiki Core, we should ensure we actually move each of these pages where they exist.

Found via jforrester@mwmaint1002:~$ mwgrep --title "Autoblock whitelist" . on 2021-05-08 18:19 UTC.

Done via mwscript moveBatch.php --wiki arwiki --u "Jdforrester (WMF)" --r "Maintenance move of software-defined page to new title. See [[phab:T282317]]." MediaWiki:Autoblock whitelist|MediaWiki:Block-autoblock-exemptionlist