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Change interface for keywords to avoid hazards
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Author: aliter

On the bug-entry page, there's a field called keywords.
1 Unless those reporting a bug will be able to judge what
to enter, this field should probably not be available when
a new bug is entered.
2 There apparently is a limited number of choices, so a
free-text field does not seem appropriate
3 Since the words are not actually keys to the content,
but rather labels to classify the bug, "Keywords" is a
misnomer, and renaming it "labels" or "classifications"
would reduce the number of reporters trying to enter
actual keywords into it.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Please file general bugs/issues about Bugzilla at

aliter wrote:

Please file general bugs/issues about Bugzilla at

Sure, if I happened to know of such issues. Feel free to inform us of them.