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Upload wizard: Thumbnails on last step should link to the file description page
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Thumbnails on the last step currently link directly to the full resolution file. They should link to the file description page instead.

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Severity: enhancement



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drecodeam wrote:

@Guillaume, this would not be possible right now as the Upload Wizard architecture currently does not support going back to previous step. The wizard doesn't preserve state in the
right way to allow skipping back and forth.

drecodeam, I'm pretty sure this means something like [[File:UploadOne.jpg]]. In that respect, we're on top of the ball, since that's what happens now. Maybe it used to not do that, but now it's fixed. Resolved.

drecodeam wrote:

@mark I guess you are right, I understood it wrong.
@Guillaume can you take a look and confirm that the problem does not exist anymore or if you meant this only or something else...

Yes, I confirm that this feature has been implemented since I opened the request.

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