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Install extension TabberNeue on Vietnamese Wikibooks
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Please install extension TabberNeue on Vietnamese Wikibooks. (See the discussion:òng_thảo_luận#Xin_ý_kiến_cài_đặt_TabberNeue)

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Aklapper raised the priority of this task from Medium to Needs Triage.Jul 12 2021, 2:44 PM

Hi @lamducanh, In the future, please follow when requesting such kinds of changes. Thanks!

Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 12 2021, 2:45 PM

This extension is not deployed yet on any Wikimedia site. Please see for steps required.

See the last link that I posted for all steps required.

This is the first time I have created a task. I have read but don't understand. Can you help me create reviews for this extension?

Hi, it's basically following the list at - deploying a completely new code base on Wikimedia servers requires several reviews (architecture, performance, code security, etc).

It might make more sense to define which actual problem you'd like to solve, because there might be better and easier solutions than deploying this extension. (T189459 comes to my mind)

I have to open another task to review this extension?

Sorry, I don't know what else to write than what I wrote in my previous comment already... Please review my previous comment. You may also want to check for general support - Thanks!

Urbanecm added a subscriber: Urbanecm.

I'm declining this. Deploying an entirely new extension requires extraordinary effort from various WMF teams, and (among other things) it needs a developer who is willing to spend time maintaining it.

Unfortunately, there is almost zero chance this happens in the foreseeable future, so I'm declining this task to reflect reality.

If you describe what issue you intend to solve via the extension, we might be able to offer alternative solutions.

Instead of installing TabberNeue, can you install Tabber?

Instead of installing TabberNeue, can you install Tabber?

The thing is same for each extension. And Tabber isn't deployed on WMF's servers, so it also requires review.